How to Become Batman: Part One – Obsession

“The training is nothing without the will to act!” These words spoken by Ra’s al Ghul in the film, Batman Begins, ring true. Without the will to act, there is no Batman. So far, nobody has had a strong enough obsession to actually rise to the challenge of becoming Batman. In this first installment of […]

How to Become Batman: The Introduction

Every day, the news bombards us with images of terrible atrocities carried out by people on their fellow man, and each day I ask myself, “Where are all the superheroes? Where is Batman?” It might seem silly, after all, it’s not like we have anyone walking (or flying) around with superpowers (yet). It feels stupid […]

Her: A Spike Jonze Film – Review

Sometimes you come across a piece of art that perfectly resonates with you at that exact moment in your life. Its like a mix of right-place-right-time, and of snapping that one photograph which captured the very essence of the moment in which it was taken. Make no mistake, the Spike Jonze film Her is one […]

Requiem for Prince

I will always remember where I was and what I was doing when I found out that Prince had passed away. Some figures have such a place in your development that they forever cement themselves in your soul. It was that way when I lost Michael (Jackson), and it is that way with Prince. Prince’s art has […]

Look Who’s Back (Er ist wieder da) – A Film Review

Every so often I happen to unexpectedly come across a true gem of a film that leaves me speechless. Such was the case with the 2015 German dark-comedy Look Who’s Back, or as it’s known in German, Er ist wieder da. The film is based on a satirical 2012 novel of the same name by […]